Reliance is there to advise, assist and defend your interests, based both on your legal position and actual situation. It prides itself in focusing on effective and personalised service, at an affordable price.

Reliance can provide all the services you expect from a legal firm:

  • advice;
  • legal defence;
  • support for any type of negotiation;
  • custom training;
  • second opinions;
  • representation before governmental
  • administrations (NSSO, NISSE, NPO, etc.);
  • audits:
  • in-house services
  • translations;

Reliance will adapt its work methods to your needs: from the first call or email for advice to the detailed, written legal consultation.

Reliance DO IT


We take initiative and look for solutions, not problems.
Because only results matter.


In form and content, excellence recognised by peers and clients.
Scientific and practical.


We like to work for a broad client base and speak our mind.
We are only bound by our clients’ best interests.


We want to be crystal clear about your file and our fees.