Reliance strives to offer all of its clients with top quality advice and defence and thus offers pragmatic solutions mainly in the area of labour relations.

Reliance’s strength relies on the experience of its specialists and its expert legal knowledge kept constantly fresh through the research activities of some of its attorneys, which makes the reliability of Reliance’s services its trademark.

Since October 2018 Reliance has joined the international platform of Littler. Littler is the world’s largest employment and labor law practice, with more than 1,500 attorneys in 82 offices worldwide.


Employment and service contracts, wage structures, individual and mass redundancies, restructurings, company transfers, executives, international mobility, protected workers, collective relations, privacy, career ends, complementary pensions, …


Reliance’s specialists boast training gained with renowned business legal firms and are thus experienced in dealing with demanding circumstances and providing legal advice to produce pertinent solutions, while never losing sight of the client’s concrete expectations and strict deadlines.


Reliance’s streamlined structure makes it an agile firm of labour relations attorneys able to offer personalised services at affordable conditions, and always with the involvement of the partners themselves.

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GDPR: New HR obligations? Adapted tools at y...

A few weeks before the entry into force of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), everyone is focusing on the actions to be taken to comply with the new rules applicable as of next 25 May. The management of human resources involves the processing of a great deal of personal data. Special attention must therefore…


Is the dismissal of a worker unable to work ...

A female worker is dismissed with a payment of compensation in lieu of notice during her inability to work due to burnout. She summons her former employer before the Brussels labour court: The employee had been employed since 2008. In February 2013, she was promoted and received a raise linked to objectives to be achieved…


The wearing of religious symbols at work

The two recent decisions of the EU Court of Justice (hereinafter “the Court”). Bougnaoui v. Micropole and Achbita v. G4S Secure Solutions were instances expected to give, each in their own context, an answer to the following question: in what conditions can an employer from the private sector prohibit the wearing of religious symbols at work? 1. Balance between…


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